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All parts of the garden are now planted.  The soil temperature is still cool and showers are keeping it that way. Growth is therefore still slow but peas, beans, Brussel sprouts, kale and all the rest are happy to sit and wait for the expected warmer weather ahead. However the more robust plants (commonly known as weeds) are thriving, along with the veg loving wildlife (such as snails and slugs).

The priority during this period is to control the weed growth and slug and snail predations, atleast until the veg plants grow big enough to overshadow the soil and shade out the weed growth. Slug and snail activity also wanes as weather gets drier. (We live in hope!)

Dutch HoeLate at night whenever I get home I venture forth often after midnight, torch in hand, around the garden to remove startled slugs and snails. Each morning, before breakfast, I again inspect, but this time with hoe in hand. Any weeds which have appeared are easily hoed before they get established.

An alternative to this routine would be to get a couple of hens.  Meanwhile however, the torch and the hoe are on hand near the back door for the forseeable future.