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When I was working with Co. Clare organic grower and teacher, Jim Cronin, I got to see the amazing ability of a few ducks to ‘hoover’ up slugs. However, ducks understandably get bored with slugs after a while and look for some variety in their diet. This is where supervision is important, especially in a polytunnel where tender salad plants may be vulnerable to nibbling ducks. Jim allows the ducks come in to the polytunnel for slugs, but then shoos them out before they turn DSC07138to the salad plants.

Enthused by all that, work is now underway here in Ballytory Upper to build a pen, duck housing and a pond so we can keep a few ducks ourselves.

The picture shows Adam, Brian and Conor, Áine’s nephews lending their combined strength and humour to the task of digging out a hole which in due course will become a duck pond. The challenge will be to install no ordinary garden pond. A duck pond gets very mucky. The water will need to be changed atleast weekly, I am told by duck keeping friends. We thought of sinking an old bath and releasing water via the plughole. However, the aperture is too narrow, I’m told. A plughole the diameter of a 6 inch Wavin pipe is required to do the job, so more of all this anon.