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CLEANING OUT HEN-HOUSE – 4th wk in May 2015

Maybe cleaning out a hen-house is not everybody’s idea of fun. Call me ‘sad’, but I find the chore satisfying, especially as constructing the structure took me longer than anticipated, but that is another story.

One key consideration in designing the hen-house was that it should be easy to clean, with the whole front lifting off and ladders and perches being removable so as to have no obstacles in the way of the brush.

The cleaning kit includes:

1. Wheelbarrow for removing soiled paper, straw and droppings to the compost heap.

2. Wallpaper scraper to remove droppings from perches and ladders.

3. Yard brush to sweep out loose straw and any loose dirt.

4. Old newspapers and fresh straw.

Another aid to an easy cleaning routine is a removable old lino base on the floor of the hen-house. This pulls out with the soiled paper and straw when cleaning is required. I reckon cleaning should be weekly, for the health of the hens and to keep the whole operation relatively inoffensive to the nostrils, especially when hen loving visitors often DSC07141call around!