HIVING A SWARM – 2nd wk in April 2015

The key to hiving a swarm is to have a few things ready in advance. Swarms do hang about for an hour or two, but then they fly off and when that happens, all one can say is ‘there goes the potential new hive’. Lucky for me, I had a empty brood box on hand complete with frames, lid, floor etc. It is also handy to have a super box without frames to sit on the brood box, so that when you pour the bees in to the brood box, the lid can be put back on the super above the brood box and bees don’t get squashed.

The swarm on the branch can either be shaken in to a large cardboard box or the branch cut off.  Then this is put with the attached DSC07090-001bees in the box. The box is then put upside down on old pale coloured curtain or sheet. The sheet is useful to wrap around the box. This box full of bees is then emptied in to the empty brood box. Once the queen is amongst the bees, they will settle in to their new home.


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