Dr Ollie Moore, Bruce Darrell, Emer and Grace O'Sullivan discuss keeping a polytunnel mproductive, with water tank in the background.

Dr Ollie Moore, Bruce Darrell, Emer and Grace O’Sullivan discuss keeping a polytunnel  productive, with water tank in the background.

Recently met up with Grace O’Sullivan, community activist, ecology teacher and Green campaigner and her daughter Emer, at the Eco-Village in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary. It was a very educational day with  tour of the kitchen garden experimental plots. Bruce Darrell, who is in charge of this research project is testing plants comparing seed sown versus module sown varieties. He is also combining plants like runner bean and potato etc to see how they interact and grow side by side.

We were accompanied by Dr. Ollie Moore, who is an organic correspondent for The Farming Examiner. Useful techniques were also to be noticed such as keeping a water store in or near the polytunnel.


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  1. Posted by Kathryn on June 27, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Were they harvesting the water that falls on the polytunnel to fill the tank Trevor? I still haven’t found a good cost effective way of doing that and I’d love to know if someone else has. I’ve found that how module sowing and direct sowing compare mostly depends on just how well the modules are looked after. If plants in modules get root bound they don’t properly catch up with module sown plants. But the value of modules is that they allow you to have plants ready to go into spaces as soon as they become available so you can get greater crops in a year even if the individual plants don’t thrive as well. Direct sown plants tend to have better and deeper root systems so they stand up to neglect better. Which is good if you are easily distracted like me


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