Where do you start with three overgrown acres in Tacumshin, near Carnsore Point, Co Wexford. All around us is the home of early potatoes and rare migrant birds? A birdwatcher’s paradise.  As mentioned last week, moving from Balbriggan was not easy. Carrying a greenhouse to which I have become sentimentally attached, did not make it any easier! However it was a 50th birthday present from my Fingal Green friends and I would miss the greenhouse, as I will miss them too. However, my friends may be more inclined to visit IF ‘their’ greenhouse is here in Wexford to greet them!

Thanks to Eoin Hurley, the disassembly and assembly of the glass and metal structure was very efficiently carried out. Eoin bought cement at Maguire’s Builders’ Provider Store in Rosslare Harbour to secure

The Balbriggan greenhouse Tacumshin, Co Wexford. Step 1 in making a meadow into a kitchen garden.

The Balbriggan greenhouse Tacumshin, Co Wexford. Step 1 in making a meadow into a kitchen garden.

the greenhouse legs in place. The greenhouse is now ready to grow our winter greens and nurture early sowings of peas in pots etc for planting out next spring. Cuttings of hedging like box and herbs like curry plant are also cossetted under glass, until they root. The greenhouse is like a little Fingal embassy in the heart of County Wexford, and like me, it has been made very welcome!

Next week, the lay out of the outside vegetable beds will start to take shape. At present, we are waiting for a delivery of horse manure from stables nearby in Killinick. After that let the barrowing of numerous loads begin!


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  1. Posted by Brendan Byrne on October 17, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Best wishes in your new home and garden.


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