GROWING CARROTS IN A POLYTUNNEL – 2nd week in September 2013

I was surprised to see carrots growing in a polytunnel at The Organic Centre, Co. Leitrim, on a recent visit. Klaus Laitenberger in his excellent book ‘Vegetables for the Polytunnel and Greenhouse’ mentions that growing carrots under cover like this ensures an earlier crop than just growing outdoors. Growing carrots indoors also ensures no carrot root fly attacks.

Klaus, who lives not a million miles from there, says November is when first sowings of early carrots can be made in a polytunnel or greenhouse. However, he prefers to wait until January to start sowing. Before this, he places black plastic on the seedbed for a few weeks to help warm up the soil first. After sowing, Klaus places fleece over the growing crop to protect it from the cold. Another key to success is choosing the most appropriate variety. Klaus recommends Amsterdam Forcing, Buror F1, Napoli F1, Rocket F1 or Ya Ya F1, which

Carrots growing in The Organic Centre under plastic, protected from the carrot root fly.

Carrots growing in The Organic Centre under plastic, protected from the carrot root fly.

is a Nantes type.


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  1. Posted by Susanna Williams on September 11, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    Klaus knows his carrots …. and onions …. and much more in the vegetable patch and nature in general. His books are very readable, and the UCC masters course on Organic Horticulture is improved by his grounded, practical and holistic lectures. I speak as one of the first intake privileged to receive his lectures. And when your carrots shoot their leaves through the soil, use the oscillating hoe to weed around them. Klaus classes that garden tool as his favourite, it is the most useful.


  2. Posted by Pat Hannon on January 9, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    I have seed potatoes from last year. and have use of an abandoned poly tunnel. would this month be a good time to grow them?


  3. Posted by Simon on May 4, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    I have been growing for a few years and have yet to achieve success with carrots – my last efforts were swamped by weeds – I ended up with very small light coloured carrots – I’m determined to crack the code on carrots as they are the one vegetable that we eat most days and nothing compares to a home grown carrot


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