Breaking apart the garlic bulbs and picking out the healthiest biggest cloves for planting. Only buy from horticultural outlets to avoid white rot disease getting in to your garden.

I get my few garlic cloves from Fruit Hill Farm in Bantry by mail order as they are certified organic, and so I can plant them in my organic kitchen garden. By tapping in my order on I get next day delivery of a small net bag of ‘Vallelado’ garlic bulbs for autumn planting. The new garlic growing patch, left vacant after the beetroot harvest, needs very little preparation. Just a dressing of compost and wood ash lightly forked in and the patch is ready.

The garlic bulbs are gently pulled apart and the individual cloves spaced in rows across the vacant patch. I space my cloves about 6 inches (15cm) apart. They could be spaced closer but the harvested bulbs tend to be smaller as a result. I want the biggest bulbs I can grow as they are easier to cook with. The rest is up to Mother Nature so maybe a little prayer while I am on my knees is in order!

Meanwhile Ed Molloy contacted me through this blog site to give me the good news that he has hit upon a good new variety of garlic for Irish conditions, ‘Granard Red’. He has been trialling garlic varieties for 9 years and is now ready to break out in to commercial garlic growing! Another Irish grown organic product is very welcome, especially garlic, which Irish shops presently import from as far away as China! Ed is at His website will soon be operational at  Beir bua is beannacht, Ed!


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  1. Posted by Trevor Sargent on March 28, 2013 at 6:20 pm


    Great to hear feedback from Texas. Hope things are well there,

    Good growing,



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