The Gathering in the Garden – cousin Jeri and Rick with Áine holding niece Neidín, my godchild while her Dad Derek, my brother, who helped lay out the garden looks on.

The pleasures of GIY / kitchen gardening come home to roost in an extra special way at a rare family gathering. My first cousin Jeri and her husband Rick from Grants Pass, Oregan in the USA, made the journey to be ahead of the gang returning for ‘The Gathering’ in 2013. Out in the garden, we compared beans and peas, ‘What do you call these over here/ over there?’, etc. An elderly extra tall sunflower overshadowed the proceedings. The autumn weather was crisp and dry, so not much sympathy from the Americans for the vagaries of the wet Irish summer just gone.

Around the dinner table, we all benefitted from that same benign autumn weather ( as well as the summer rain), with spuds, chard, carrots and leeks dug and picked fresh from the garden. A variety of veg, chicken and herbs came together deliciously in one of Áine’s classic pie dishes. Maybe there will be a few articles in the pipeline for the year to come along the lines of ‘Gardening for the Gathering’. There is every chance that those long lost relatives have themselves well developed allotments or kitchen gardens in their own countries, wherever they may be.


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  1. Good that they have similar conditions in their own garden in Oregon too – you’ll have to do seed swaps with them. Now there’s a thought – Seed Gatherings?


    • Posted by Trevor Sargent on October 31, 2012 at 11:21 am

      Thanks Kathy,
      Good idea – Seed Gatherings’! It is on my mind to call you soon to discuss the logistics of a Sonairte Seed Gathering, namely another Potato Day in 2013, significant work I hear, but there is a team of us to share the load hopefully. Talk soon. Ciao! Trevor


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