Enjoying a cuppa in a Skerries kitchen garden with couple, Dr. Ray Ryan and Ernestine Woelgar, who wrote about her garden in my book, check it out at

A year of writing a week-by-week guide to growing food is over. The book will be unique, I think. It covers feeding yourself, your family and some thoughts on feeding the world. It also covers beekeeping, foraging wild food, indoor sprouting, recipes, as well as growing and storing the best firewood. There are also 24 guest writers to give of their experience and wisdom in growing food -from former President Mc Aleese to Neven Maguire to Darina Allen  to Michael (GIY) Kelly to Gerry Daly to Peadar Ó Riada to Eamon Ryan and many more. I am very grateful to Orpen Press and many others who read the text and gave advice, as well as the guest writers who grow food is various parts of Ireland. The royalties from Trevor’s Kitchen Garden will all go to SEED (Schools Earth Education Development), which is a network of charitable organic centres around Ireland running courses in school gardening and food growing. There is one of these centres near most people in Ireland, so one can compare notes locally on climate and conditions which suit specific crop varieties. I look forward to seeing how the 62 pen and ink drawings look and the dozen or so phot0graphs reproduced in the book, one or two mischievous pictures!

My good friend, patriotic supporter of Irish farmers and ace chef, Neven Maguire has agreed to launch Trevor’s Kitchen Garden (the book) on Tuesday, 27 March 2012, in Hodges Figgis, Dawson Street, Dublin, at 7.15pm in the evening. Please drop in if you are passing for a glass and a chat … and a first look ( and smell!) of my first foray in to writing and illustrating a book.


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