The mild weather is helping the native, or atleast  naturalised, plants to get growing as the days lengthen again. A quick forage in advance of preparing a salad bowl for a meal can be quite productive. Lamb’s lettuce is growing well and can be pulled up with no tools needed. Likewise, young tender dandelion leaves, shoots of feathery fennel leaves, sage and other herbs including mint are all good to me. The greenhouse has a good crop of mizuna growing. This withstands regular picking too. In musical terms, a brief forage in the garden can turn a lettuce salad from a solo performance to a symphony of flavours, amplified by some homemade salad dressing on the side.


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  1. Posted by Suzi on February 25, 2012 at 10:57 am

    I’m an enthusiastic amateur gardener with no space to grow what I really want. However I will keep trying. I first planted garlic 3 years ago and had great success in the first year. I was late planting in 2010 but when they came up and looked well, I thought I was ok. However, I found most of 2011 very windy and a lot of my garlic had bent over. When it came to harvesting, the bulbs were single and where the bend in the leaves were, there was some new garlic bulbs growing! On the leaf!!! I assumed that this was why the bulbs were single as the energy was diverted.
    I also planted some 3 different types last year. I dont know the names of them as one lot was shop bought and looked good, another was a friends crop and another was some that the same friend brought over from France last year. All 3 batches are up and looking well. I cant wait.
    Have you any idea why the garlic bulbs started growing on the leaf? Is it because of the wind or because of my late planting?
    Kind Regards


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