Now is the time to check the results of the experiment planting just one seed potato in each potato bag all with the same soil type and conditions, to see the yield from each variety. All ready to harvest now are Orla, Charlotte, Colleen, British Queen ( but we say Rush Queen around here!) and Pink Fir Apple.

The bag in which Orla was planted was tipped over on the lawn to check the harvest. Sifting through the loose soil I picked out a dozen medium to good sized new potatoes, nothing smaller than a ‘golf ball’ size and no ‘marbles’ at all. Most of the harvest were ‘tennis ball’ sized potatoes. Something else I noticed was the worm activity and numbers where fresh seaweed had be put as a layer in the bottom of the bag. This was definitely a help I would say in feeding the roots of the plant. Watering regularly would have been critical also.

As luck would have it I was entertaining later so the new potatoes would be well sampled. Steamed with some mint, they turned out delicious and made for five good helpings from that one small seed potato. I now appreciate what I hear that eating spuds as soon after they are harvested aspossible is best. After harvest the sugar turn to starch after just a few hours which alters the flavour, so the less time in storage for new potatoes the better. Therefore, I will wait until it is time to cook before I harvest the next potato bag and see how many potatoes I get from the next variety of the one potato seed.


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  1. Posted by Kathy on July 27, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Isn’t it rather early to harvest the Pink Fir Apple Trevor? I think of it as a fairly late maincrop

    Nothing like that layer of seaweed in the bag for really great flavour. Something I miss since we moved from Rush. Always tons of seaweed on the strand in Rush and very little in Gormanston – the big sandy beach doesn’t favour seaweed


    • Thanks Kathy,
      Appreciate clarification on Pink Fir Apple variety. It will be September before I get around to harvesting it anyway so we’ll see how it turns out having been grown in three different sized bags.


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