It is almost a year since my Green Party / Comhaontas Glas colleagues in Fingal gave me a voucher for my fifthieth birthday to install a greenhouse in ‘Trevor’s Kitchen Garden’. It took me a while to do anything about this kind and unexpected gift, what with elections, writing a book and post election trauma etc. The not so small matter of where to put a greenhouse was a critical factor too. I thought initially that I would turn my four plot rotation into a three plot rotation and put the greenhouse on the fourth plot. I am advised by my friend and organic guru Klaus Laitenberger that if growing onion family especially, they need a four year rotation atleast.

My decision was made therefore, the asparagus bed had to go along witha good chunk of the lawn. Looking back this was an obvious spot. I can watch progress from the kitchen window and it is handy to the water butt and my watering cans. It will be a huge addition to the growing capacity of the garden. It will be a (dry) dedicated place to pot up plants and sow seeds. I can also take cuttings of herbs etc to grow on there for the Balbriggan Fish and Farmers’ Market on a Friday morning in George’s Square.

Mind you it is a bit of a luxury. For a six by seven foot structure, the price would have bought me a decent sized polytunnel (, if I had had the space for such a leviathan). Well it does have automatic ventilation, the proper glass and is sturdy so I am very happy and look forward to putting in the four raised beds in the greenhouse to mirror the system outdoors, and a little pathway so I can get going with the growing. Thank you to my generous friends in the Fingal Greens and to the experts, Eoin Hurley and Graham (, my old mate from the Belle Hill Tavern days in Balbriggan of the 1980s), both from the Botanic Greenhouse Company www.botanicgreenhouses.ie for erecting  this new addition to Trevor’s Kitchen Garden.


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