The local Grow It Yourself Balbriggan group led by Dominica Mc Kevitt, the head gardener in Argillan Castle’s walled garden, organised a very interesting visit to the garden of Peta Taafe at Inch House near Balrothery of which I was delighted to be a part. The day was showery but the rain held off for the walk about thankfully.

Peta has a larger garden than mine. (Now there is an understatement.) In spite of growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables, herbs, ornamental shrubs and flowers, the lively dog still has a good deal of space to run around and get lost! The focus for us GIY-ers was the food production area and what stood out first was the fruit cage. A very impressive structure made from scaffolding poles which would keep out a brown bear, if they had not become extinct. Nonetheless the wily grey squirrel had got in but he did not do it a second time – the dog took care of that! Black and red currants, raspberries, strawberries etc all were growing well.

The asparagus bed had me green with envy, but it had been growing for 10 years. I not accept reluctantly that I would need a larger garden to devote the space needed for asparagus. All manner of vegetables were growing in  narrow beds following the same principles I follow of not walking on the soil in these productive areas.

The herb garden was extensive too. The edging was innovative and attractive, using up turned empty wine bottles stuck at the herb border edges. I appreciated also the huge fig tree growing up against a wall. I now know this climate I grow in will grow a good fig tree if I get a good specimen. I am on the look out for an organically grown fig tree at present. I see Irish Seed Savers may have a few to spare in the Autumn. 

My thanks to Peta and the organisers at Grow It Yourself Balbriggan for a most interesting outing.


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  1. This could be your greatest article yet!!!


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