Last Saturday at  Bloom in Dublin’s Phoenix Park was a scorcher. An army of Grow It yourself (GIY) volunteers (protected by sun-block)  engaged numerous passers-by to discuss growing fruit and veg at home, keeping chickens, composting etc. There were even enough volunteers for me  and others to take a few moments out to join Victoria Mary Clarke in a spot of ‘yoga for gardeners’. Tips to strengthen back muscles were much appreciated.

Again we were back on duty as GIY volunteers on Bank Holiday Monday. Again I ventured to bring along ‘everlasting cabbage’ cuttings from that parent bush in the garden which has to be removed so as to make way for beetroot, chard and spinach. As luck would have it, President Mc Aleese and husband Dr Martin Mc Aleese, now a Senator, arrived about the same time that morning. In the middle of speaking to fellow kitchen gardeners visiting Bloom, along came the President and her entourage, army, Gardaí, CEO of An Bord Bia, Mr Aidan Cotter, Gary Graham, Manager of Bloom, a scurry of press photographers and a scribble of journalists,  etc etc etc. I had a chance to say hello to The President, Dr Martin, Aidan and other former colleagues from An Bord Bia. I thanked the President and Martin for what they had done to make the recent State visits a great success and asked them if they would like an everlasting cabbage cutting. Given previous conversations at other official events with the President,  I knew of the Mc Aleese’s interest in health, food and producing organically, and so was not surprised they accepted the cutting gladly. I was surprised and indeed chuffed to see the next day in the Irish Indo a picture of me presenting the cabbage cutting to the Presidential party, and an upbeat article about the record breaking success of Bloom.

The following Friday at Balbriggan Fish and Farmers’ Market, I displayed the picture from the Indo and a sign saying ‘Free ‘Presidential’ Cabbage Cutting with every purchase of organic produce at my Sonairte stall. Needless to say I was entirely sold out by lunchtime!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Robert Dunne and Helen Miller on July 19, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Hi Trevor,

    Many thanks for the everlasting cabbage cutting you gave us at Bloom last month. It is doing well so far. We look forward to using it over the winter and passing on cuttings to our fellow gardeners next spring.

    Robert and Helen


  2. Posted by John Sadler on February 16, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Having searched the internet to replace my everlasting cabbage (lost in a house move) I look on you as the font of knowlege on the subject. Sadly, I can find no source of this plant in the South of England where I live. I would be most grateful for any suggesttion of where (or if) I could get seeds, because a cutting would appear to be out of the question.


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