Cut plastic bottles upturned for watering.

Newly planted cabbage cuttings

Windy but dry and temperatures slightly less than normal 12 – 14 degrees C during the day. Happily the garden is well sheltered with apple tree, fruit bushes, hedge, wall and back fence all helping to create a tranquil growing area for young veg plants.

I have taken cuttings from the everlasting cabbage to plant up in the cleared legume patch from last growing season. Once these cuttings are established, I will remove/ give away/ compost the remains of last year’s cabbage to make way for the spinach, leaf beet and beetroot, which are waiting patiently in pots for planting out at this stage.

The up-turned plastic bottles minus their bases stuck in the soil beside veg plants like funnels are working well as watering focal points. The soil surface stays dry while more of the watering-can contents reach the roots. With the soil surface remaining dry, the slug mobility is reduced so less slug damage this year. Mind you I think the cold winter killed many slug eggs so hard to tell why I am enjoying , largely, slug free gardening this year.

Off to Bloom on Saturday and Monday of the Bank Holiday Weekend as a volunteer on the GIY stand. Photos and feedback in the next posting and hope to see you there over the weekend meanwhile.


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  1. Posted by colette adanan on June 13, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I notice you’ve repaired a lange clay pot (in the picture with the cats), where did you net the metal band. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to repair one with just wire.



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