After returning from the Wexford Organic Centre, I was keen to sow more seeds. The potato seeds have been sprouting in empty egg boxes on the kitchen window sill since I bought them at the Sonairte Potato Day last month. Thanks to help from Rita and Jim, the grow bags are all now empty and ready for use.

A handful of seaweed (thanks to Zoe) and a few comfrey leaves are placed in the bottom of each bag. I added soil from this years allium patch and then sow the potato tuber.

The varieties to label are ‘Charlotte’, ‘Orla’, ‘Colleen’, Sharpe’s Express’, ‘British Queen’ and ‘Pink Fir Apple’. Whe covered over with soil, the bags are about half full, so space is left to ‘earth up’ and encourage more potaoes to form along the stems of the potato plants as they grow. All I need do now is keep the soil in each bag moist and let the sun work its magic.

Likewise, the other vegetables are sown now in the small lean-to greenhouse. I’m using the module trays this year as they are handy to fill with seed compost. Five types of vegetable are now sown and watered and positioned in a sunny location of the shelving in the greenhouse.

1. Irish Green Pea (Pisum sativum) from Brown Envelope Seeds.

2. Spinach Early Prickly Seed (Spiacia oleracea) also from B. E. S..

3. Purple Sprouting Broccoli from Tamar at the Organic Centre, Leitrim.

4. Leek (Giant Winter) from Tamar also from Leitrim.

5. Beetroot (Detroit Globe) from Tamar also from Leitrim.

I would love to save more of my own seed but space is in short supply. I am having a go at saving seed from the Ragged Jack Kale as it is a vertical plant and will not be in the way for next years plants growing nearby while I wait for the kale flowers to become seedheads.


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