St. Patrick’s Day in Balbriggan and the parade is a highlight of the festival. Artisan bakers from the town are on George’s Square adding to the carnival atmosphere, selling their fresh produce.

As a new stallholder myself at the Balbriggan Fish and Faermers’ Market each Friday on the Square from 9am – 2pm, I thought a few Market supporters should get dressed up as ‘scarecrows’, bring a few baskets of fruit and offer Irish eating apples to any spectators who fancied an apple.

(One lady said she took an apple to bring it home to her horse – lucky horse!)

I want to thank Áine, Iulius and Colm for also being ‘scarecrows’ and thanks to Lorna for dressing as a Wizard of Oz lion to keep the scarecrows on their toes. We each had the Market details on sandwich boards hangin front and back on each of us.

Thanks to Donnelly’s of Oldtown for the boxes of apples and to Dublinn Meath Growers or the bunches of carrots which we hung off belts around our waists. The youngsters of Balbriggan FC were not long devouring the raw carrots. No wonder they have good eye sight those young players!

I want to thank Michael Grimes too for providing the hay for the rustic costumes we donned for the occasion.

Anyway, we let our ‘hay’ down and the parade passed off in good humour, but the market is here to stay each Friday on the Square in Balbriggan from 9am. I’ll be there with pot plants, seed potaoes and whatever organic veg and fruit is in season from Sonairte, the Ecology Centre just up the road near Laytown, Co Meath, open Wed to Sunday. I’ll also be selling veg from my own small garden whenever I have a surplus, all proceed going to keep Sonairte, a registered charity, doing the educational and tourism work it does.

Visitors very welcome to visit Sonairte, or the Balbriggan Market. I can make you a cuppa when you get here.


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