Great weather for the time of year, fine, dry and calm, ideal to show an important person around my little garden.

Two years ago now, I applied to two organic certification bodies, Organic Trust and the Irish Farmers and Growers Association, for approval of my garden as complying with all the standards required to call any produce I grow ‘legally organic’. To earn organic certification necessitates a couple of visits by a trained inspector who checks seeds etc have been sourced from organic sources.

Friday, 4th March at 10am was the time appointed for my inspection and I met Brian Maguire from Co Cavan at my front door who looked around to check my invoices for garlic were in order and all other paperwork and garden plans could be accounted for.

Fingers crossed I will soon be fully certified as an organic grower. With about 0.03 of an acre, I think I will be the smallest organic grower in Ireland (in terms of acreage, that is!).


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  1. I look forward to hear how you get on. Just so you know we are starting a new gardening series (a “how-to” spin off from City Farm) Monday 21st March RTE1. The blog is my own personal one, the TV series will have a separate site. Best wishes for the growing year.


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