No more space for tomato plants in the phone box sized greenhouse. The 2 plants in there already are filling out and starting to flower. So with plants to spare, I needed another south facing growing space under glass. Time to experiment and try a windowsill. Not wanting to destroy the wooden window sill, I lined 3 window boxes with plastic and then filled each with a mix of soil and compost. 3 tomato plants to each window box and position them on an upstairs window sill to get maximum light.  This is not ideal as light from one side is not as good as light from different angles in a greenhouse. Nevertheless with nine plants I should get some tomatoes.

Once the plants grow tall and tomatoes form supports will be needed. So I tied twine from each window box close to where each plant was growing and fixed each length to a cane spanning the brackets holding the curtain rail. Just need to water and feed now to encourage healthy growth and fruiting.

The variety is Brandywine. I may have been a bit late in sowing in late April but time will tell. I’ll post up a couple of photographs when I get a chance.


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  1. Posted by Daragh O Gowan on June 21, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    I have an 8×6 greenhouse and the tomatoes are growing well. will chance some in the fruit cage as there are so many sprouting from seed.Last met you at an evening in Naul at a talk given by Niall mac Coitir. An excellent idea and can send pictures of my venture here in west Cork.


    • Hi Daragh,
      I was thinking about getting an 8×6 greenhouse but the smaller one I have does me grand for the present. Some day perhaps. The windowsill plants are growing fine so far. Good luck in West Cork. I have great memories from living there.
      Happy growing!


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