The garden is beginning to look neglected but is nonetheless very productive with apples, courgettes, tomatoes, parsley, runner beans, cavello nero kale, perpetual spinach and carrots looking and tasting well.

I’m lucky to get time just to keep the grass cut, under glass plants and potted plants watered. Most garden work these days is done late at night indoors juicing the prolific crop of large James Grieve apples. Some juice is frozen for thawing out to drink in months to come. Most is bottled and GIVEN to friends who have dropped a hint that a bottle would go down well. No complaints so far!

However this interest in growing fruit and veg is gathering momentum. As a result, I was invited to speak about ‘getting started’ at the Electric Picnic and just last weekend I was honoured to open the first  national Grow It Yourself conference  held in Waterford Institute of Technology. My home town of Balbriggan was well represented there so I am hopeful GIY Balbriggan will soon be up and running. A network of GIY groups around the country will be a significant way of empowering communities. Even if it does cause me to neglect my own garden, this is a part of the important work which needs to be done to make us a self reliant and resiliant country where healthy diets will reduce obesity related sickness which is wasting 4 billion euro a year and causing otherwise avoidable stress and grief for many.

Visit the GIY Website at


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  1. Attended the GIY launch also .. it was great to see so many people, from all walks of life, keenly interested in growing their own veg/fruits and sharing their knowledge and experiences.


  2. Thanks for checking out the website. You may have noticed I have taken to wearing the GIY Ireland T-shirt in the U-tube clip about apple juicing. I’m enthusiastic about the growth of GIY. Let me know how you get on. I’m hopeful we can get GIY Balbriggan and other local GIY groups going in my own area very soon. Regards. Trevor


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