Image: C.Finn

Image: C.Finn

When the only chance to cook is a Saturday or Sunday, the harvest from even a small garden can be more than enough at this time of year.  Thank goodness therefore that the weekly  Balbriggan Fish and Farmers’ Market has a Garden Produce Stall where surplus produce can be sold. In my case, the income from my small amount of produce goes to the local Marine Conservation Centre Building Fund which has a site beside the Martello tower in Balbriggan.

Image: C.Finn

Image: C.Finn

Kitchen gardeners like myself,  if we have a surplus of beans, peas, salad leaves, herbs, cut flowers or whatever, can hire a wicker basket at the Garden Produce Stall for €2 (plus a refundable €5 deposit). This allows any small scale producer to fill the basket and sell the contents.

I use freezer bags to measure out and present the herbs, salad leaf mixes and kale. Sold some blackcurrants also.  Have some broad beans, mange tout and sugar snap peas ready for next time.  Meanwhile, next Saturday, 11 July, Rush Horticultural Show is on again. I may as well enter a couple of categories. I do not expect to win in this the horticultural capital of Ireland, but I’m pretty sure I will pick up a few tips from one or two of the veteran growers who keep the standards so high.

Balbriggan Fish and Farmers market operates every Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm in The Square, Balbriggan.


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