Warmest day of 2009 so far on Sunday 24th with 18c in Balbriggan. Planted out beetroot and leaf beet seedlings in the final plot of the four to be set with this years crop. With the bright dawn so early now, it is a real pleasure to get up and out before breakfast to hand hoe between rows just to savour the optimism of a vegetable garden beginning to fill out with growing plants.

The week has been an interesting one too, visiting a community garden in Rosscarbery in West Cork with Green Party / Comhaontas Glas candidate from Clonakilty, Bernie Connolly. Called in on a number of school gardens in the area including Gaelscoil Chloch na Coillte. Thug leanai rang a haon pictiur alainn dom. Taim an-bhroduil as!

Tuesday, I helped launch a Grow Your Own free seed project sponsored by Glenisk, the organic dairy business. The free seed project is to be run by The Organic Centre in Co Leitrim. Had a good chat with Andy and Hans from the Centre afterwards.

Back in Fingal, called in to Trinity House, Oberstown near Lusk to see their wonderful new fruit and vegetable garden. The youngsters are driving this development and I was delighted to plant a ‘James Grieve’ apple tree, the same variety as my solitary apple tree at home which gives me a great supply of juice to last a whole year. The Trinity House garden also has two other very tasty dessert varieties, ‘Katie’ and my favourite, ‘Elstar’.

Other garden jobs done during the week include weeding the front garden, cutting the grass. I used the clippings to mulch around the raspberries this time. Harvested comfrey and added leaves to comfrey liquid feed. Quare smell but great stuff or so organic growers tell me. I know about the smell and I’ll know more about the growing effects of the feed in due course after I’ve diluted it to water and feed my tomato and courgette plants.


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