Cloudy weather in Balbriggan but average temperature. Taking a chance to plant out runner beans. Seeds were sown 14 April and germinated on sunny windowsill. The variety is ‘Enorma’ bought by mail-order from The Organic Centre, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. As the name suggests, these beans grow tall. Before planting, I therefore constructed a support wigwam using a tall pole and stay ropes held down by test pegs. See the pictures and video for more.



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  1. Hi Trevor – great blog and love the videos. Really inspiring to see you out in the garden and enjoying the veg growing. Looking forward to seeing more through the summer.


    • Thanks Tom. You may be interested in my application for organic certification. I’m not highlighting this process on the site much. I want to encourage everyone to grow some of their own food, whether or not they believe the organic way is for them. In my own case, I sometimes have spare plants. I’d like to donate them to Sonairte, the organic ecology centre in Laytown up the road from me in Balbriggan. However, unless I am certified organic, they cannot accept my donation. Doing the conversion does give me some first hand experience of what farmers going organic go through also. Keep in touch. Rath De ar an obair. Trevor


  2. Hi Trevor – Great that you’re going for certification – but I completely agree that it’s not for most people. The restrictions can seem very off-putting. You’re right – getting people out in the garden is the most important thing – organic or not. On the courses at An tIonad Glas we tend to focus on getting people gardening and growing first. Later when they are going commercial it’s then time to think about the paper work!

    I’m hoping to go up and visit Kathy at Sonairte in July – sounds like they’ve got a great project going there. All the best, Tom,


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