Why I grow my own food

I’m lucky to have a front and back garden that’s big enough to grow some food but not too big to manage. Before I cook a meal I always see what I can add to the meal fresh from the garden. Growing food to me is richly satisfying – a healthful pursuit for mind, body and spirit.

George Bernard Swaw, even though he earned his money writing plays, stated “gardening is the only unquestionably useful job“. The same can be said for farming. Indeed, food production is not just useful, it is essential. Growing some food in the garden helps me appreciate some of the vagaries of farming. I still support my local farmers market and shop stocking local farm produce. However, to have something on the plate grown at home helps adds a deeply grounding satisfaction to any meal.


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  1. Posted by Donal O Mahony on February 23, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Hello Trevor, I first heard about your ‘troubles’ on RTE’s ‘Drivetime’ programme today. I heard one of the contributors mention the fact that you had a gardening web site as well as a political one. I checked out your political one first & then this, your gardening site. I enjoyed watching the video of yourself in your back garden made last month (Number 1 of 15). I’ll look at the other videos you made on YouTube itself later. I would love to have a garden I could grow veggies in. I must put my name down for an allotment locally. You’ve reawakened my interest in growing some of my own food. I’ve never got around to it in the past. My over-cautious old mum wouldn’t let me grow anything in her small back garden, to my disappointment. Now that you’re no longer a govt minister, you’ll have more time to spend in your garden. (Every cloud has a silver lining, and all that, eh?) Best wishes in the future. Donal from Cork.


    • Hi Donal,
      I hope you managed to get an allotment or atleast some space to grow food. I’m still working as if I was Minister and I’d do it for free anyway as I love campaign on food and helping those producing it.
      Le meas glas’


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