The excitement of launching ‘Trevor’s Kitchen Garden’, the book, is giving rise to interviews in print and broadcast media, with the result that the book is now at Number One in Hodges Figgis, the major Irish bookstore, at present. After me being on TV3 Ireland AM, Brian O’Connell of RTÉ came up on the train from Cork to take a look at me working in the garden, harvest some produce and then get me to cook it for his lunch. This episode was then broadcast on ‘Today PK’.

Leeks, garlic, various herbs and salad ingredients all went in to the salad and omelette combination. The piece de resistance for me was the purple sprouting broccoli. It could have gone horribly wrong as Brian did not like it raw. (I love it raw, but horses for courses!) However, once it had been washed, tossed in a knob of hot butter and lightly steamed for 4-5 minutes, it was melt in the mouth delicious, like the best prepared asparagus spears. Brian described it as ‘as different animal altogether’!

However, the purple sprouting broccoli is a mature legacy of last year’s seed sowing. It may give me ‘dinners’ up to the end of May, but after that, I need more fresh produce to be growing if I want to continue being fed from the garden. My next job is therefore, to sow those seeds for the new season veg, herbs and flowers which will be harvested after the broccoli is finished. Some like lettuce and radish will be harvestable in early summer. Others, like leek and the new broccoli will be ready for winter and spring 2013 use. I will have a video of these seed sowing techniques up for viewing on this website before long all going well.

Meanwhile, for those who have bought the book ‘Trevor’s Kitchen Garden’, thank you. The proceeds are all going to SEED, the school garden and earth education charity. If it is gone from your local bookstore, it can be ordered from the publisher www.orpenpress.com. Enjoy the  read and may your new growing season be a good one!

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  1. Hi Trevor,
    My Purple Sprouting Broccoli is brilliant!. Have sowed out the leeks, and pricked out celery( in the tunnel) Brassicas all doing well inside. Outside, spuds in, Asparagus (yum) up and Jerusalem Artichokes planted. Over and out!


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